Traveling Internship among Homeless Youth


We invite the lonely,

the outcast, and the wanderer

into restoration of their entire beings by

drawing them to Christ

giving them what we have

bringing them into community

and by being their friends.


Since 1998, InnerCHANGE's team in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, the Outer Circle, has lived out the above vision statement and shown love to hundreds of traveling street youth living in Golden Gate Park.  The team, known by street kids around the country as "the pancake Christians" because of their weekly pancake breakfast they share in the park, seek to live out the above vision through one on one discipleship, time spent on the street in conversation and prayer, using their home for hospitality, facilitating bible studies and faith discussions, bridging the local church to the street, traveling to Rainbow Gatherings and other places where traveling youth gather, and networking between churches and ministries that are already serving this subculture in the city and around the country.

This internship will begin and end in San Francisco, but the majority of the time will be spent at the Rainbow Gathering, a gathering of thousands of travelers that takes place every summer. Our team will set up a pancake kitchen…a place of hospitality, prayer, creativity and conversation.  We will collaborate with other kitchens who are seeking to share the love of Jesus with the traveling population as well.

Interns can expect to particate in:

-Serving pancakes and coffee, eating watermelon, making an epic kitchen out of nature - swiss family robinson style, and camping for 2 weeks

-Connecting, sharing with and praying for the thousands of hippies in the woods!!! Watching God show up! Worshiping around the camp fire every night. Learning about the rainbow subculture! Not looking in a mirror for 2 weeks and having thousands of people tell you they love you.


Qualities necessary for this internship:

Flexibility and willingness to learn!

Willingness to work hard.

Openness to learning about and falling in love with this subculture.

Experience camping.


Other experience/skills that are helpful but not required:


Experience in spiritual warfare

Worship leaders

"MacGyver" skills. (as in making things in the woods with minimal tools and resources)