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What it looks like

What it looks like


What it looks like

What it looks like

During this summer you will...

  •  join with other interns from many different backgrounds
  • live in an InnerCHANGE neighborhood
  • encounter the presence of God in unexpected places
  •  learn from and serve the community alongside long-term practicioners
  • walk with a mentor
  • experience spiritual formation
  • practice the InnerCHANGE commitments
  • rest and reflect on a mid-summer retreat
  • integrate your experience into your everyday life after the summer

You will engage in both action and reflection.

The day-to-day of ministry activity will largely depend on the location where you serve. The ministries of our teams flow out of the assets and needs of their particular context, always with a view to making disciples of Jesus and developing local leaders. Your contribution plays a part in the long-term vision and presence of the local team.  

Examples of things past interns have done include:

  • helping facilitate a week-long camp for kids who have experienced trauma
  • prayerwalking in the neighborhood
  • serving pancakes & offering prayer to hundreds of travelers at a giant hippie gathering
  • volunteering at a community center for gang-affiliated youth
  • visiting recently deported immigrants
  • helping explore new areas of ministry
  • playing soccer with kids who live on the street

summerXchange is also an invitation to grow, change, and be formed by the ways God is at work in you. You will join in rhythms of prayer, scripture reflection, learning and sabbath rest as you go deeper in your walk with God.

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Nuts & Bolts

Nuts & Bolts

Nuts & Bolts

Nuts & Bolts


June 15 - July 31, 2017

This includes orientation and debrief in San Francisco.


U.S. locations: $2000    International locations: $2800


Applications are now closed!

Participants will be notified of team placement by May 1. 







No, we’ll get you from San Francisco to your site, so your only job is getting yourself to and from San Francisco.

Do I have to arrange my own air travel to my assigned site?

Getting to San Francisco, which is where it all begins, is on you (which means the cost of your transportation to and from San Francisco isn’t covered in the $2000).

But from June 1 – July 31, we’ve got you covered on transportation arrangements. Actually, you’ve go us covered because you’re raising all your fund, right? Right?!

What about getting to San Francisco on June 15th?


When arranging your travel here are the magic details:

  • Arrive: June 15th by 3:00pm
  • Depart: August 1st by noon
  • Airports: both San Francisco (SFO) and Oakland (OAK) are fine.

Depending on arrival times, you will either be picked up by one of our staff at the airport or we will give you instructions on taking the subway in.

What airport should I fly into and at what time?

We do love you and all, but please don’t plan on coming early or staying late.

We will be great hosts starting on June 15th and ending August 1st, but before and after that we’re just grumpy old people who will probably put you to work instead of letting you see the city.

However, if you’ve got other friends in town and another place to stay, that’s cool, just make your own transportation arrangements to arrive by 3:00pm on June 15th and leave by noon on August 1st and we’re all good.

Please do not ask any InnerCHANGE staff to pick you up early or stay with them an extra day. It is already a gift for them to graciously host us in their homes, we we want to respect them, their space, their time and their ministry. 

I’ve never seen San Francisco, can I come early or stay late?

About the Summer

Yes. This is definitely a possibility. Multiple interns in the past have received school credit. It depends on the requirements of your particular school and if our site can accommodate those requirements.  The priority for the summer is the ministry in the neighborhood. If your school's requirements interfere with that goal, then we won't be able to do it. But if it works within the team's purposes, than we are more than happy to help. All that to say, if this is something you are thinking about, let us know and we'll discuss the particulars of your situation.

Is it possible to receive school credit for my internship?

Hey, we understand…weddings happen. That’s why everybody gets a 48-hour pass if totally necessary. Use it at any point to watch that special couple tie the knot. The rules are: you only get one, you have to clear it with your leader, and you can’t be gone during orientation, the solitude retreat, or debrief. (Trust us, you wouldn’t wanna miss ‘em anyway).

My cousin’s wedding is right in the middle of the summer…Can I leave for one day to attend it?

Friends are cool, and it’s a great way to share what you’re doing, but it’s really the call of your team and team leader. (So don’t say “yes” to someone without first clearing it with your leader.) Try to keep your out of town visitors to a minimum. Visiting your friends in the area is fine, but we really want you to experience life in the neighborhood, so use your judgment and prioritize your summerXchange experience. Forty days will go by really quickly.

Am I allowed to have visitors/go visit friends in the area?

Alright, fair question (parents like to know this kinda stuff.) Naturally, it depends on the location you’re in, but in general we’re aiming to house you with InnerCHANGE staff or close connections.

If you’re helping us explore a new site, you may be living together with your team in a space provided by a partnering ministry. Or you’ll be hosted by well-chosen families right there in the neighborhood. 

Where will I live during summerXchange?

Yeah, go ahead and bring your cell phone. But we ask that you turn it off during meetings , and don’t spend your entire summer on Facebook or texting your girlfriend. You can give your family our numbers in case of an emergency.

Will I be able to use my cell phone during summerXchange? How can people get a hold of me in an emergency?

If it fits in your suitcase and is a zero-emissions vehicle, then feel free to bring your car. Otherwise, it’s best if you leave it at home. We’ll make sure you can get around, and public transportation is part of the summer experience.


This isn’t a no-exceptions policy though, so feel free to check in with your team leader or summerXchange staff about it. (We may just want to borrow it).

Can I bring my car? If not, is there a place I can leave it?


Write check to: CRM

Use the provided donation cards and return envelopes. That way they get to us with all the right information. If ministry partners need the address it’s:

CRM Office

Attn: summerXchange

1240 N Lakeview Ave. Suite #120

Anaheim, CA 92807-1831

Please tell your peeps NOT to write your name anywhere on the check for IRS purposes, but to include the donation card.

People can also give online via the link that we will give you when you are all set up to begin support raising and your fund is opened.

Where should my supporters send checks? Who do they make them out to?

A google doc will be shared with you that details who gave and how much so that you can keep track as you work towards your goal and so you can be getting in touch with people to say thank you!

How do I know how much I’ve raised and who has given?

Good question. If the ONLY reason you wouldn’t be able to do SXC is due to funding, we want to hear from you (sooner than later). We’ll see if there’s something we can do to help out. In every case though, we will ask participants to either pay or raise some portion of the total cost. 

Does summerXchange provide any scholarships?

We’ll work it this way: half of your money needs to be in by the beginning of orientation (June 15th). The rest needs to be in by the time debrief ends (August 1st). If you do not raise the entire amount, you will be responsible for paying the remainder. One note here: if you realize that for some reason you won’t meet the deadline, we want to hear about that well in advance of the last day (seems like an obvious request, but you’d be surprised).

When does the money need to be in by?

The budget you’re fund raising for should cover just about everything for you: transportation, housing, food, ministry-related expenses, etc.

But yeah, it might be a good idea to bring some extra cash for your slurpee addiction, a chia-pet, or that occasional triple-shot-no-whip-irish-cream blended latte.

Do I need to bring spending money?

Have a question about any of these details or the FAQ's?  Contact us by filling out the form below and we'll get back to you!

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